Welcome to FuHEN!

Two years after the success of KyuHEN, the love for the PSVita in the gaming scene remains strong, even 11 years later. With the unveiling of the Playstation Q project, it is time to make its heartbeat even faster.

FuHEN (不変) conveys the idea of the constancy of change. Despite the PSVita being released 10 years ago and receiving end-of-life updates, change is still happening. This is the message we want to deliver: the Vita scene is still alive, filled with unseen and extraordinary releases, and supporting its developers.

Head straight to the Details page to learn about the timeline, prizes, and rules.

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gl33ntwine's avatar
Volodymyr Atamanenko

For mysterious reasons, the PSVita and our scene's fantastic achievements escaped my attention for years. In 2021, brought here by the viral GTA:SA port, I fell in love with this console and became a homebrew developer myself. Since then, I've released several famous ports like Dead Space Mobile and osu!octave, created vps.gl33ntwine.com, and even made it my career — I'm now part of the Porting Team @ Modus Games studio.

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Samilop Iter

Creator of KyuHEN, moderator of Custom Protocol, and your favorite PSVita hacking Discord server. I maintain the Vita troubleshooting guide and assist people with their issues related to the PSVita. Although I don't have as much time as I used to for the PSVita scene, I still hold a deep affection for it and want to contribute to the scene, which is why I am supporting gl33ntwine in organizing FuHEN.

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Francisco José García García

I am one of the maintainers of VitaSDK and the main developer of RetroArch PSVita port. I am also involved in the Vita3K emulator development. I have been active in the scene since Rejuvenate times but real life has reduced my time available for development. Nowadays my main contributions are about helping and assisting other developers in the HENkaku and Vita Nuova Discords. You can find me at my Twitter, and GitHub.

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2 Old 4 Gaming
Sandeep Rai

My name is Sandeep Rai, also known as “2 Old 4 Gaming” on Twitter and YouTube. I have been a gamer for most of my life. I have fond memories of sitting in front of the TV and playing my NES with my brother, but, as an adult, I’ve found handheld gaming just suited my life better. The PlayStation Vita, with its varied library of games and portability, has been my device of choice when it comes to gaming. My passion for the Vita and its games inspired me to not only write a series of books about the history of the system but also start my YouTube channel. You can find me at my Twitter, and Youtube.

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Sebastian Kubala

Playstation Vita has been my hobby for quite a while now - I've been researching and reverse engineering the system, surprised by the depth of its software and hardware architecture. I also, occasionally, develop tools and utilities for the console.