On this page, you can find a list of things that you can (and probably should) use to create the best homebrew and win the first prize ✨

C/C++ Toolchains

  • Vita SDK
    The go-to solution for all things Vita homebrew. The majority of community apps, games, and ports are made with this toolchain. Easy to setup and use, but requires C/C++ knowledge.
  • Vita Development Suite
    Extended and enhanced version of the official Sony Playstation Vita SDK. Using it is legally gray area but it may be irreplaceable for some situations where the open source SDK is lacking features.


  • VitaGL
    Translation layer from OpenGL to native PS Vita (sceGxm) graphics API. Powers most of the homebrew games and ports that require OpenGL.
  • PVR_PSP2
    Driver layer OpenGL support for PS Vita. Legally gray area to use. An alternative to VitaGL that may have better compatibility with the standard in some cases.
  • libvita2d
    Simple GPU-accelerated 2D library for the PS Vita (comes with your Vita SDK installation by default)
  • SDL1 / SDL2
    (comes with your Vita SDK installation by default)
  • SDL2 (Northfear fork)
    (use if you want to manage VitaGL GL context from SDL)
  • ...And many others on vitasdk/packages.

Game Engines

Other programming languages

Debugging tools

  • Vitacompanion
    Background FTP server + remote commands execution on your Vita.
  • vita-parse-core
    Core dumps reader to debug crashes.
  • PrincessLog
    See stdout (logging output) from the Vita on your PC.
  • KVDB.
    GDB-compatible debugger for the PS Vita. Buggy.

Other stuff that may help

Useful Discord servers