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Created by MRKane & digradi

VitaHot — Screenshot 1
VitaHot — Screenshot 2
VitaHot — Screenshot 3

A demo release for VitaHot, a Vita exclusive re-imagining of the original SuperHOT game where time moves only as you move - squeezed down onto the Vita with physics enabled and a constant silky smooth framerate.

While it was only started 12 days ago, this demo features six different game modes, three different weapons (or four if you include your bare hands), three levels, progress saving, and configuration options.

We hope to get a full release done before the close of the competition, including more weapons, game modes, and if time allows: cool unlockables and cheats!

Please post your bug reports and any comments on our Discord community!

Version history

  • vRC2 (Sep 22, 2023) — Added new maps, weapons, features, and bugfixes - see the attached release notes for details. Download.
  • v2.1 (Sep 16, 2023) — Added new game modes, new maps, features, and bugfixes - see the attached release notes for details. Download.
  • v1.0 (Aug 30, 2023) — initial release. Download.

Installation instructions

Install the .vpk as you would any other. There should be no further installation steps necessary.

About the author

We're a team of two friends with a passion for wacky things, and decided that we'd really like to be able to play SuperHOT on the Vita. Of course this idea lasted all of about 30 seconds as we quickly began having ideas about where we could take the game. At that point we realised that a simple port wasn't going to cut it and we'd be doing ourselves a favor if we made everything from scratch.

PayPal email for donations: markane05@hotmail.com