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Created by Sergorov

Gnomopolis — Screenshot 1
Gnomopolis — Screenshot 2
Gnomopolis — Screenshot 3

This game is intended to be kind of casual. Playing a level should be a challenge if you have 10-15 minutes to waste on your lunch-break. This game is meant to be a modernized version of the arcade classic Pacman with a slight touch of epic fantasy. The game principle is quite simple: collect all the treasures in the labyrinth level and unlock the exit before the time runs out.

Version history

  • v0.7.188 (Sep 22, 2023) - Fixed outdated version detection for VitaDB. Download.
  • v0.7.187 (Sep 22, 2023) - a lot of bug fixes and improvements and some visual overhaul. Download.
  • v0.7.185 (Sep 18, 2023) — 4 more playable levels, so now we have 10, some new functions like multiple floors in one level (check level 9!), all new credits screen. Download.
  • v0.7.177 (Sep 03, 2023) — initial release. Download.

Installation instructions

Just install the .vpk, no special requirements.

About the author

Initially working for an engineering company as 2D/3D artist and programmer, I had a brief encounter with the mobile gaming industry in 2013. Ever since I have been working on this project during vacations and on weekends. Now it's finally in a sort-of presentable state, though not quite finished.