Original Game

Dream Punk

Created by bokoyoss

Dream Punk — Screenshot 1
Dream Punk — Screenshot 2
Dream Punk — Screenshot 3

In Dream Punk, you are falling, and you can't wake up. Bounce, hookshot, glide and grind through a candy colored world, collecting videotapes for your neighbor. If you can find and ring all the bells, and you wake The Dreamer- what will become of you?

Unlock abilities and level them up. Are you falling? Or flying?

  • Left Stick - Move
  • R - Bounce
  • L - Glide
  • Right Stick - Hookshot
  • Square - "Ness"
  • Triangle - Grind
  • Circle - Recall
  • X - Interact

Installation instructions

Simply install the VPK.

About the author

We are bokoyoss- three people who make games together. All music by @turgidharrier.

See our other games at https://bokonon-yossarian.itch.io/